Ghana Deaf postponed, WRU Deaf East V West 7’s matches to be played instead

WRU Deaf secure unique opportunity for mens players in 7’s matches at home of Welsh Rugby, due to postponement of the scheduled international match against Ghana Deaf rugby.

Sadly, the scheduled international match against Ghana Deaf has been postponed to this summer due to delays with travel arrangements.

Having been offered an opportunity for the mens team to play at the home of Welsh rugby, on the day of WRU National Bowl. Shield, Plate Finals 2022, the WRU Deaf committee unanimously decided to use the session offered by WRU as a training match, ahead of the Old Pens 7’s tournament due to be held on June 11th.

Spectators, Guests and sponsors are requested to enter via Gate 3 on the day, from 09:30am.

Further news on international visit from Ghana Deaf will be released as details are made known to us.