WRU Deaf Community Programme

Our community programme is sadly on hold during the pandemic, however when we return you can expect the usual fun-filled regional rugby days!

Supported by BSL communicators, our coaching days are set up across Wales in collaboration with WRU Community coaches to bring rugby to children of all ages and abilities. Working closely with WRU Community team, our Community Programme Coordinator, Sophie Cahill, has designed the day to inspire young players who are Deaf and hard of hearing to experience rugby in a fully inclusive environment.

Our team mantra is ‘No Barriers’ and we firmly believe offering Deaf and hard of hearing children the opportunity to rugby in a safe and professional environment can be life changing.

The day offers not only new experiences for the children to take part in outside of the classroom but builds confidence and skills in a sport they might not have previously had access to. Additionally, it helps identify those with a desire to play rugby more seriously to become part of the WRU Deaf academy, with progression through to the National Deaf teams. The sessions are structured across typical school day hours, including coaching and skills sessions from qualified community coaches, match play and a short question and answer round for those who want to quiz our players to find out what inspired them to start playing.

Schools are typically invited to take part by contacting the hosting club venue to register however as we currently are unable to provide fixed dates, you can register your interest via the contact us link below.

We hope to see you back on the pitch in the near future!